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About Us

Kapiti Tufa, as its name suggests is based in the heart of the Kapiti coast, just north of wellington.

We create garden art, birdbaths and water features in a wee shed at the bottom of the garden, fondly called the Tufa Studio. Our products are made of concrete, peat and limestone. The mixture is poured into molds and left to harden. When ready they are ground and finished. Every product we sell is handfinished to a high qualilty.

We enjoy making our products and are slowly filling our own garden with some great examples. As these products are hand made we can work with you to create the look to fit your garden. We run a facebook page which has some great photos of our Tufa in various gardens around the country.

The easiest way to buy our products is to enquire by email or phone. We carry limited stock and usually make to order. We can create unique items through varying colour, size of bowl, height of pedestal, and style of water feature.

Water Features

Pots,  planters

Garden Art

For inspiration, come and see samples of our products at

Hyde Park Village

Corner Te Horo Beach Road and SH1

Te Horo

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