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Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQ's may help you find out more about Hypertufa (Tufa) and what you can do with it!

If you want to know more, please contact us.

Q. What is hypertufa?

Natural Tufa stone is a type of limestone which forms in close proximity to bodies of water with a high content of dissolved minerals, especially calcium carbonate. Natural Tufa can be found at several sites in the world, including Southwestern Coast of Australia. The porous nature of tufa makes it very popular for planters, as it will easily drain, rather than trapping water.

Hypertufa is Tufa’s man-made equivalent and is traditionally produced by using a mixture of sand, peat, cement and either pumice, zeolite or perlite. Though recipes for hypertufa are easily found, and many of you may have experimented with your own backyard mixtures, what we have developed & perfected over the last 15 years is our own secret, failsafe recipe.

Q. Does your product come with a guarantee?

We stand by our product for 2 years, with proof of purchase.  

Q. Can I buy your products online?

The only way to purchase is via phone or email. Email can also be initiated from clicking on the image that you are interested in. Should you wish to pick up we can arrange for you to pick up from our workshop in Ōtaki.

Q. How do i care for my water feature pump?

Our pumps require very little maintenance, just simply clear any debris from the guard and maintain clean water in your feature bowl.  Water features require water to be in the bowl at all times.  If the pump is left to run without water then the pump can fail. Pump failure due to not maintaining water in the feature is not covered by guarantee. 

Q. Does your product require sealing?

All water feature dishes & bird baths are sealed with our specially formulated sealant making them water tight & easy to clean. The pots, planters and other garden items do not require sealing.

Q. What about cleaning & maintenance?

Water features come with their own cleaning instructions. Some people like the mossy look but this is easily cleaned with any number of pavement cleaners available on the market (plus a good scrubbing brush) or we recommend simply using bleach (diluted) and a bit of elbow grease!

Q. Water features – are they easy to install & what sort of pump will I need?

Our water features are very easy to install and set-up instructions are provided. They come with either a 12 volt pump for the DIY or a 240volt pump requiring an electrician (unless you already have an existing RCD protected power source). Solar pumps for outdoor situations are provided for your outdoor feature. We can help advise which is the most suitable option for you.

Q. The water in my water feature keeps turning brown, what do I do about it?

This happens initially because of the peat content in the mixture. Over time it will dilute and clear. Just keep freshening the water.

Q. Brown stains have appeared on my planter.

This happens initially because of the peat content in the mixture. Over time it will dilute and clear.

Q. What are your Freight costs?

It depends very much on the size or quantity of your order and your location. Smaller items can be shipped via courier. We are happy to provide you with a quote.

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